Speech Tournament Finalists 2019

(Amended from earlier to include St. Mary's and CAPE. Download and print the entire list here.)

Congratulations to all students who represented their school at the speech tournament!

Please send special compliments to the following students…and please notify them, and let their families know that they have qualified for the “final round” of the tournament, this Wednesday, at Las Colinas Middle School, 3:30 to 4:30 pm.

Pleasant Valley School District:

Short Poetry…

Olivia Boman (CHS)

Emma Christiano (DCS)

Olivia Jordan (LPSSA)

Hailey Ballard (RRS)

Ethan Fortini (SRTMS)

April Arguelles (TLS)


Arielle Gutierrez (LMS)

Sidhesh Nanodkar (LMS)

Malia Niegas (TLS)

Reagan Stump (TLS)

Long Poetry…

Sophia Vazquez (LMS)

Santino Santiago(RRS)


Kaci Colby (LPSSA)

Dagny Rowland (LPSSA)

Shaan Gondha (SRTMS)

Yashashree Nararaj (SRTMS)

Evan Lane (TLS)

Owen Bruce (TLS)


Gabriela Govea (LMS)

Shaylee Lynch (LMS)

Aadya Magadala (STRMS)

Tanishka Padala (SRTMS)

Zannah Luhrs (TLS)

Chloe Joseph (TLS)

Mia Francisco (TLS)

Lacie Moody (TLS)

St. Mary Magdalen School:

Short Poetry
Alana Lehman

Mai Purdy


Short Poetry… 
Maggie Mann

Ishana Bajwa
Logan Judd

Long Poetry…
Lauren Sandoval
Luke Haskell

Syna Gupta

Esha Birring
Ellie Thompson
Tanner Bates
Jolie Peyton

Thank you to all coordinators and supporters of this fabulous event for the children of our community! 


Karen Allen

PVEF Speech Chair

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