Anatomy of a Qualifying Tournament

Follow one team, UPS's Los Supersonic Surgeons, as they go through the day's events.

19 photo(s) Updated on: 30 Nov 2010
  • Meet University Preparation School's Los Supersonic Surgeons!
  • The team begins their research project presentation. While all of the attention may be on the robots, actually, the team research project scores are given equal consideration in the overall judging.
  • Two judges observe the presentation. The team will be given 5 minutes to present their project, then the judges will have 5 minutes to ask questions.
  • Each team member has a role and judges' questions are pondered.
  • Answering questions about Nanobots.
  • Next is the Teamwork judging. Teams are given a task to do and a goal to accomplish within a certain time. Judges observe how the team works together and ask questions about their process.
  • The team discusses how to accomplish the task at hand.
  • The team works toward their goal.
  • Now it's on to the Robot Design judging. The team demonstrates their robot and the judges ask about their design decisions.
  • A team member fields a design question from the judges.
  • Finally it's on to the Challenge floor where the robots will complete the tasks they have been programmed to accomplish within the allotted time (or sometimes not!)
  • ...two team members at a time prepare the robot for action. The robot has several tasks to perform along several different pathways.
  • Los Supersonic Surgeon team members wait anxiously on the sidelines while...
  • Awaiting the word to go from the referee. Referees keep the time and score the robot's performance.
  • Another round with another pair of team members.
  • A referee goes over the scoring of one of the rounds with a team member. Teams get three rounds of 2 1/2 minutes each in which to earn their highest possible score.
  • Cheering the robot on!
  • Watching the next move.
  • Hoping the robot makes it!
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