Why Arts & Technology?

The Pleasant Valley Education Foundation believes experiential learning can engage parts of the brain -- create true understanding -- in ways that a textbook can't. While you can learn math and history from textbooks, creativity, abstract thinking, and self-confidence are learned by doing, and underpin success in all endeavors. For these reasons, PVEF believes that hands-on learning is vital for a well-rounded education. But why specifically hands-on learning in the Arts ...why Technology?

Why Arts?

  • Arts Education enhances problem-solving and critical thinking skills.
  • Arts-involved students are more motivated to learn, tend to collaborate more and have higher math and reading scores.
  • Arts-involved students perform community service more than four times as often as their peers.
  • Knowledge in the visual and performing arts is valuable in itself.

Why Technology?

  • Technology literacy helps develop higher-order thinking and collaboration skills.
  • Technology education prepares students to succeed in an increasingly complex, information-rich society.
  • Technology in the classroom is an important driver of student learning, deepening and enhancing the learning process.
  • Technology skills encourage students to enter the fields of math, science and engineering.

    PVEF programs create thinking, creative, caring, self-confident kids!


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