CineMagic Rehearsal Instructions Going Forward - Getting Serious Up in Here!

14 Feb 2017 12:22 PM | Sharon Taylor (Administrator)

We've got one month before performances and it's getting serious up in here! 

Performers need to bring plastic storage bins starting Wednesday the 14th (if not Wednesday then Saturday the 18th).  No bigger than the 40 gallon (and not much smaller).  Kids need to bring the bin with them, so they need to be able to carry it.  Bins go home at the end of every rehearsal.

Once costumes are completed, they will be given to the performer to keep in their bin in the baggie provided.  If you don't have a bin you will not be given your costumes. Please talk to Cathy Bach if you will have financial difficulties in purchasing a bin.  

Parents, performance fees must also be paid in full before costumes are distributed.

Girl CineMagicians need to start wearing the little cami top and bike shorts to change. We have rooms but they aren't very private.  

Girls also need to purchase black flats - whatever will stay on their feet without slipping.  No heels.

Boys need all-black shoes - tennis shoes will be okay as long as they are nice, no logos. They don't need to be dress shoes.

Parents who have signed up to volunteer, we need you NOW!  Wednesdays for simple sewing (hand sewing - adjusting costumes, hems, etc - NOTHING major yet) and Saturdays for sewing and painting. Please check in with Cathy for assignments!

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