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  • 28 Feb 2019 5:57 PM | Sharon Taylor (Administrator)

    PVEF is launching a special robot event to be held at the FLL Jr. Expo on May 4th but open to robot enthusiasts of all ages: the LEGO Sumo Bot Competition!

    Lego Sumo Bot is a sport where two robots compete in a head-to-head match following the basic system of traditional human sumo matches. Robots are allowed no weapons. The sole purpose is a pushing match between the two robots to force the other from the Sumo Ring.

    No age brackets – everyone invited

    Parent/child teams are great

    Lego Mindstorm robots only

    We're even offering a Workshop on April 6 so we can help you review the rules, program your robot, and practice your moves. You can even check out a Mindstorms Robot to use at the competition if you don't already have one (must already be registered for the competition.)

    You can download the info flyer here.

    Email Robotics Chairperson Darren Patnoe for more info:

  • 29 Jan 2019 5:19 PM | Sharon Taylor (Administrator)

    Businesses, friends and families can sponsor FLL Jr. teams and receive a variety of promotional opportunities. Just like sponsoring a Little League team, FIRST LEGO League Jr. teams thrive with the support of their community! 

    Sponsoring a team costs $350. Individual members of sponsored teams do not have to pay participation fees.

    Find more information by downloading our FLL Jr. Sponsor Form.

  • 29 Jan 2019 4:57 PM | Sharon Taylor (Administrator)

    If you missed the FLL Jr. Info meeting on January 25, don't despair. Information about forming a team and the calendar of events is all right here in the FLL Jr. 2019 Handout. You can also find this handout on our Robotics Forms page. Just hover your mouse over Our Programs, then Robotics Roundup and click on Robotics Forms.

    There's still plenty of time to form your crew and register (coaches, register your team right here) with FLL Jr. to go on Mission Moon!

  • 12 Jan 2019 2:52 PM | Sharon Taylor (Administrator)

    Info meeting for Mission Moon and the FIRST  LEGO League Jr. season will be held Friday, January 25, 2019 @ 6:30pm, Tierra Linda Elementary School MPR. No cost for the info meeting and no RSVP necessary.

    The per child fee to participate on a team in the FLL Jr. program is $35. The FLL Jr. EXPO will be held Saturday, May 4, 2019. Watch our website, for more announcements.


    Gather Your Squad!
    The 2018/2019
    FIRST® LEGO® League Jr. season will transport you to a place where you make the rules, learn to thrive and explore all that is around you. Discovery awaits when you join this MISSION MOON!

  • 08 Feb 2018 12:41 PM | Sharon Taylor (Administrator)

    Check our Robotics Forms page to download the latest information about the current FIRST LEGO League Jr. season! There you'll find the general information and events calendar, a form enabling your business to sponsor a team (logo recognition opportunities are available!) and a flyer outlining this year's theme and "challenge".

    Your Aqua Adventure awaits!!


  • 30 Jan 2018 9:33 AM | Sharon Taylor (Administrator)

    Get pumped for the FIRST® LEGO® League Jr. 2017/2018 season! New and returning interested parents and kids (K through 3rd) from PVSD, Camarillo Charters, or Camarillo homeschoolers, come to the information meeting on Friday, February 2nd, 6:30 - 7:30pm, in the Multi-Purpose Room at La Mariposa Elementary, 4800 Corte Olivas, Camarillo. No need to register or RSVP, just come to hear how you can join or form a team to tackle this year's challenge!

    In the AQUA ADVENTURESM Challenge, more than 40,000 children across the country will navigate the uncharted waters of this important resource. Find out where the water you use in your daily life comes from, and what happens on its way to you. Where will this current voyage carry you?

  • 02 Feb 2017 10:14 AM | Sharon Taylor (Administrator)

    For those who weren't able to attend the FLL Jr. information meeting but still want to find out what's involved in the program and its calendar of events, click here to download the information handout. This handout is also posted on our Robotics Forms page.

  • 10 Jan 2017 10:43 AM | Sharon Taylor (Administrator)

    We're gearing up for "Creature Craze", the theme of this year's FIRST LEGO League Jr. (used to be Jr. FLL, now it's FLL Jr.!) program sponsored by Pleasant Valley Education Foundation.

    The FLL Jr. Information Meeting will be held Monday, January 30, 6:30pm at La Mariposa School, 4800 Corte Olivas, Camarillo. Parents and students are invited!

    Swing like a monkey, fly like a bat, or hop like a frog into the FIRST® LEGO®League Jr. CREATURE CRAZE season. Whether in zoos, on the farm, or in your own back yard, we all encounter animals in our lives.  In the CREATURE CRAZE Challenge, over 40,000 children will dive into the wonders of the animal kingdom.  What will you learn about our furry, feathered, and finned friends?


  • 21 Apr 2016 1:45 PM | Sharon Taylor (Administrator)

    The public is invited to the Jr. FLL Expo....well, two Expos, actually, on Saturday, April 30 at Las Colinas! We have so many Jr. FLL teams from within our own district and visiting teams, that we are having two that starts at 11am and another immediately following at 3:30pm.

    If you don't know what Jr. FLL is all about and are wondering if your child might like to participate next year, this would be an excellent time to come and see what Jr. FLL teams do and what participating on a team really means! 

    Jr. FLL teams, don't forget to come a little early to check in and set up before the start time. See you there!

  • 18 Feb 2016 10:07 AM | Sharon Taylor (Administrator)

    Coaching a Jr. FLL team is not at all hard and we want to help you make it into a fun and meaningful experience for both you and your team! Come to the Coaches' Workshop on Saturday, Feb. 27 to learn how. No prior coaching, engineering, or teaching experience is required.....just a high tolerance for LEGOS!

    Time is 9am - 11:30am. Location: 602 Anacapa Dr. (past Camarillo Heights School), the home of long-time coach and Robotics Roundup committee member Debbie Hager.

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