Qualifying Tournament Results!

01 Dec 2015 11:37 AM | Sharon Taylor (Administrator)

Congratulations to the following teams for scoring well enough across the board to advance to the Los Angeles area Championship Tournament on December 12 &13:

18997 The Master Builders
17362 ANCroid
2199 Trashformers
18964 Triple Rs
20079 RoboFire

The following teams were given awards in the following categories:

Champion's Award
The Master Builders

Judges Award
High Minded Creators

Robot Performance
1st Pl. ANCroid
2nd Pl. Mr. Fusion

Robot Design
1st Pl. Parras Neighborhood Team
2nd Pl Triple Rs

Core Values
1st Pl. Santa Robotica Transformer Squad
2nd Pl Robochimps

1st Pl. ANCroid
2nd Pl Mr. Fusion

Congratulations to all participating teams and to the parents and volunteers who made the day go smoothly so the kids could have fun!

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