Jr. FIRST LEGO League Individual Student Registration

  • 10 Feb 2014
  • 26 Apr 2014
  • 9:00 PM
  • Online or mail payment to PVEF office - 360 Mobil Ave., Suite 213C, Camarillo


(depends on selected options)

Base fee:

Registration is closed

Register your child for her/his participation in
Jr. FIRST LEGO League!

Please read everything here before you begin!

NOTE: You can only register if you know the name of the coach for the team you will join. If your coach's name is not on the list on this form, your coach has not registered your team yet. The coach must register the team before the individual members can register. Names will be added to the list as coaches register. So far, the following coaches have registered:
  • Ron Okamura - Santa Rosa LEGO Blasters
  • Janet Kinch - CAPE Team TNT
  • Richard Watanabe - CAPE - Everything is Awesome
  • Kristine Green - Tierra Linda Disaster Blasters
  • Alan Jaeger - Santa Rosa Mini-Builders
  • Jason King - Los Primeros Natural Disaster Chickies
  • Xenia Norton - Los Primeros Minecraft Miners
  • Mary Banks - CAPE Lollipop LEGOs
  • Vanessa Hughes - Rancho Rosal Master Blasters
  • Linda Ford - CASA Tsunami Surfers
  • Keary DeVico - CASA F.U.N. Girls
  • Sabrina Sysavath - Los Primeros LEGO Panthers
  • Debbie Hager - CAPE Mega Comets
  • Martha Adams - CAPE Storm Chasers
  • Lisa White - CAPE Caution Kids
  • John Dumas - Los Primeros Lava LEGO Kids
  • Tina Trahan - Los Primeros Ninja Chefs
  • Maura Hogan - CAPE Kinderbuilders
  • Jeff Pengilley - CAPE Fear
  • Shilpa Nadar - CAPE Building Breakers
  • Lynsi Thiessen - Los Primeros Storm Ninjas
  • Jamie Friedman - Santa Rosa Jr.LEGO Eagle Futureneers
  • Michael Fussle - Las Posas Brick Bandits
  • Aaron Bell - Los Primeros Twister Blisters
  • Jason Richardson - SRTMS Eagle Stackers
  • Marc Pouw & Chris Knaak - Santa Rosa Hailstorm Strikers
  • Sylvia Cervantes - Rancho Rosal Gizmos
  • April Laycock - Las Posas LEGO Fire Ninjas
  • Lisa Maturkanic - The LEGO Smashers
  • Timothy Jackson - Las Posas TeAm LeGo
  • Angela Baker - El Descanso Courageous Cougars
  • Christa Zamora - El Descanso Ultimate Water Builders
  • Marnie Eldridge - UPS Result Team Inc.
  • Lindsey Lehman - Camarillo Heights Tornado Storms
  • Geneen Gonzalez - El Descanso Recess Pieces
  • Barbara Morris Jensen - Camarillo Heights LEGO Apocalypse
  • Mike Maturkanic - El Descanso LEGO Ninjas
  • Brian Colon - CAPE LEGO Maniacs
  • Mark Soto - Bricksters
  • Tammy Hall - Camarillo Heights Blazing Blue Fire Ninjas
  • Adrian Hammer - Camarillo Heights Masters of Disaster   
Any child in a Camarillo public school or home school is welcome. Home school parents, if your child has not already joined a registered team, please contact Darren Patnoe at dpatnoe@pvef.org for a team assignment before you register.

You will need the following information:

1. Parent contact information

2. Child's name, age, school, grade, and Coach's name/team they are joining

3. Payment information - there will be a $25 fee per student. You have four payment options:

A. You can pay online with a credit card or Paypal, or

B. You can mail a check to:

360 Mobil Ave., Suite 213C
Camarillo, CA 93010
Please put Child's name, school, and team or Coach's name in the memo line.

C. You're on a team that has a sponsor, therefore payment will come from the sponsor

D. You're requesting a waiver/scholarship for low income families. You will be asked to provide evidence of income such as a free/reduced lunch letter, Healthy Families letter, MediCal letter, etc. We are suggesting a minimum contribution of $5. Darren Patnoe, program chair, will contact you.

You can register more than one child at a time. Just click ADD GUEST when you have completed all information for the first child. You will need to fill out the same form for the second child.

If you need further information, please email Darren Patnoe at dpatnoe@pvef.org


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