Pre-order pizza/sandwiches/snacks/drinks for Robotics Qualifying Tournament

  • 21 Nov 2015
  • (PST)
  • Monte Vista Middle School, 888 Lantana Street, Camarillo


Pre-order all of your lunch needs at the
PVEF Robotics Qualifying Tournament! 
No need to bother with cash.
You will be given the appropriate amount of food tickets at check-in which will allow you to choose your snacks and/or beverages and pick up your pizza and/or sandwich order.

NOTE: You can still use cash at the tournament for purchase of pizza slices at $2 each or snacks/beverages at $1 each if you don't wish to pre-order.

Order as many large pizzas as you wish for $10 each.
Available choices:

You may also order pre-made, 4-inch sub sandwiches thanks to Valentino's! All sandwiches are $3.50 and include cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mayo or dressing. You can order whole wheat or French roll (white). Available choices:
Roast Beef
Chicken pesto

You may also pre-pay for snacks (chips, cookies, fruit, candy) and beverages (soda, water, coffee, juices) for $1 each. Pre-order the amount of items you think you will need and then make your specific selections at the tournament (sorry, no refunds if purchased food tickets are not used.)

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