Purchase Booster Ad in CineMagic Printed Program

  • 14 Apr 2015
  • 02 May 2015
  • Order Online Now or pick-up/turn in a printed form at CineMagic Rehearsal


  • 2 inch x 3-1/2 inch, including photo. Includes one larger head shot or two sibling shots + your message of 30 words or less.
  • 1 inch x 3-1/2 inch, including photo. Includes one head shot and your message (30 words or less)

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A Booster Ad is a great way to congratulate your child in the CineMagic printed program handed out to everyone who comes to a performance!

It works like this: We provide a photo taken at rehearsal, and you write the booster message to your CineMagic star. We'll put them together and do the rest!

Note: Our system is set up to take event registrations. It CAN work for ordering and purchasing other things. Just remember this: every time it says "registration" you think "purchase"! The form will lead you through the process.

So right now, click "Register" to begin your order!

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